Stuart Ratcliff Drawings

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A celebration of nature’s co-existence, this cheerful drawing, an original print by Stuart Ratcliff lets you bring a piece of your garden into any room. With colorful butterflies resting on flower branches, this beautiful drawing adds a cheer to any room.

About the artist

Stuart Ratcliff out of California is a true artist preoccupied by Life, and inspired by Life to the point of bursting. This is what makes Stuart a great artist. His passion for and utter immersion in Life, and the sense of intimacy with which he lives every day. In his work you can feel the passion, the exuberance, the effulgence with which he lives.

His only art training consists of one class in high school, which he describes as something of a debacle. This absence of formal training may go a long way explaining the originality of his vision, and perhaps even more importantly why the relationship between the art and the artist remains so intimately in tact.