Eternal Embrace Handmade Wooden Sculpture

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Celebrate the power of love and add an exotic touch to your home decor with this beautiful piece from Made Wirata. Sculptured from the warm grain of suar wood, this stylish sculpture depicts a deep passionate kiss.

  • Crafted of suar wood.

Hand-crafted by: 

Made Wirata - Bali

Born on February 21st, 1978 in Gianyar, Made Wirata is a carver of natural talent. Gianyar is renowned producing famous Balinese artist and artisans, and Wirata's family has been dedicated to this art for generations. 

Wirata first learned to carve from his father, who specialized in a particular style of carving locally known as sri bunga as well as keris - a traditional dagger. When he finished elementary school, he apprenticed with his uncle, who taught him to carve traditional images. In 1993, his interest in art lead him to learn from a cousin how the carving of modern statuettes. Wirata began to sell his work in order to sustain his studies and now several galleries in Bali are collecting his creations.