Girl - Cryptic Journaling Art by Nathan Patrick Hooker

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18" X 12"   Nathan’s pieces either have a specific story or theme; others are comprised of his journaling. Although Nathan played around with sketching a bit, he fell into art quite by accident, never having any notion of pursuing it. His art developed from his journaling. For some time Nathan carried around a blank art notebook, journaling in it, in every direction, in his very tiny handwriting, until the page had no negative space left. About a year ago, a girl who worked at his local coffee shop commented on how beautiful his writing was and suggested he do something with it. A few months later he drew the Coronado bridge out of words. The bridge has special meaning to him because he drove across it many times to see a therapist through difficult and dark years in his life. After completing his first drawing of the Coronado, Nathan texted his drawing to his best friend with the caption: “it has begun.” The bridge seemed to represent the start of his art…and the beginning of new life and hope. Nathan knew he had found something unique and special to him. Since that point, Nathan has continued drawing images of significance to him, as a way to exorcise his demons, think on paper, apologize, pray and sometimes just vent, all while creating beautiful images in the process.