Taylor Mohr

I was born in San Jose, CA and moved to Del Mar, CA when I was ten.

My first experience with photography was in second grade. There was an art contest for the entire elementary school. I entered a shot of a black and white rustic Mailbox, won the contest, and have been been in love with photography since.

I love the carefree lifestyle of Southern California and the seriousness of black and white portraits. My favorite shots are the unplanned ones. I love photos that get an emotional response. I have always felt that art was philosophical, there are no wrong answers. As long as it resonates with you, it's art.

These pieces, for me, all have deep meaning behind them. Whether it was a perfect day or a day where nothing went right. I love each of my photos because they are they all show what I was going through at that moment.

There is so much to be said for following your path. Finding exactly what you love. Something that is just for you. I surround myself with people I look up to you. People who challenge me and help me grow.  My goal is to always be better than I was yesterday.

Thank you for supporting my work!