A photobook of poetry and short stories manually typed on Cocktail Napkins; culled from a collection of napkin notes of a Jazz Musician and philosopher.

Napkin Diaries is a visual and literary collection of vignettes that began as observations, poems, sketches and lyrical ideas scrawled in haste on Cocktail Napkins; the most readily available medium for a gigging Jazz Musician as he ran from stage to bar before the notion was lost forever in the haze of the next moment, the next improvisation, the next song. These napkins were stashed away and survived five moves, two expeditions, a divorce, several earthquakes and a heroin overdose.

One night, during the excavation of a storage unit, a few of the old napkins flew out and an idea started to grow. David dug through old boxes and suitcases filled with unexplored inventions, song ideas, movie clips, comedy sketches and angry rants. He pored over them and began to rework these thoughts, honing them down to the purest essence of thought. Eventually deciding to use an old manual Underwood typewriter to put them back on his medium of choice: The Cocktail Napkin. The images and essays that he has created have taken hold on social media outlets like Instagram where his following is growing steadily.

David Patrone is a former US Marine turned Jazz Musician who has traveled the world and meanwhile explored the vast landscape of the Human Condition. He is a coach, a teacher, an explorer and a philosopher with a background in spirituality and recovery. He is the first vocalist to have ever won a San Diego Music Award in the category of Jazz. He's been consistently represented as one of the best live entertainers in Southern California; secretly, his true love is writing. This project is a labor of that love.

Following Collections will be focused on specific topics like Relationships, Spirituality, Recovery, Artistry and the Creative Process etc...



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