Encinitas Map Necklace by Charming Maps

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Handmade by local artist Laurie Rulison, these maps are charming!! This necklace features a map of Encinitas, California on a 25mm pendant and a 24 inch chain. This necklace makes the perfect gift!   More about Laurie Charming Maps -  Maps are my passion.  I have always loved the beauty of a map, as well as their practical and historical significance.  With a degree in Geography, I enjoyed a career as a Cartographer/GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analyst.  I was in the business of creating and analyzing maps.  On a personal level, when my husband and I travel to new areas we always try to collect any maps that we can.  We are always looking for a new map to hang on the wall of our home.  Thus, what better way to share my love for maps with the world and my local community than by designing map jewelry and gifts.  As a local resident of Oceanside, CA, I am always available for custom orders and ready to participate in local artist events.  Maps are so personal to each of us.  They can tell a story of where you are from, where you have traveled to, and even where you would love to go!  What kind of map story would you like to tell? Charming Maps will inspire you!