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Picks of the Week: Sierra

Clever Element is always getting new items in. Whether it is new artists or new accessories, the store is forever changing. Which is why we have a “Picks of the Week” segment in store so that way we can showcase the new items we get in, chosen by our own associates. This week our lovely associate and buyer, Sierra, is doing the “Picks of the Week”. She is a fashion design major with a huge passion for the art of fashion and her sketches will leave you in awe. These are her “Picks of the Week”:

Libra Coffee: Like most people, Sierra loves a good strong cup of coffee. What’s great about Libra Coffee is that the founder, Eric Medina, is one of the few people in North America with a Master’s Degree in Coffee Science and Economics. I mean if that doesn’t impress you enough every purchase that you make of Libra Coffee you provide two people from Ethiopia with clean drinking water. This coffee is hands down amazing and every coffee connoisseur would agree.

 Fair Trade Chocolate Bars: Now we all love chocolate, but what Sierra opened my eyes to was that she pairs her Libra Coffee with fair trade chocolate and I was actually astonished how good it blended together. The fair trade chocolate bar that we carry in store is Called Divine, and it was launched to the masses in 1998. What made them ever more special, besides how good it is, is that it was the first fair trade chocolate ever introduced in the UK confectionery market.

 Iron Tavern Puzzle: Sierra loves a good puzzle and her favorite is actually the one that we carry in store. It’s a tavern puzzle piece that is completely forged in iron and every piece is unique and set at different levels. The whole goal of them is to get one the rings off and put back on. They are so fun to play with and they also make a nice, conversational piece to have at your home.

 Root Candle: One can never have too many candles, and I believe that Sierra agrees. She loves the Root Candle in the scent of “Musk” because it reminds her “of a nice manly cologne in an oversized sweater” I mean the visuals alone. The Root Candles that we carry are made out of all-natural beeswax and have an all-natural cotton wick. Not to mention that these candles actually burn longer than other premium candles so you really get your moneys worth of lasting sensory experience.

Wooden Brew & Serve Set: We have a huge kids section at Clever Element, and if you’ve ever been in store then you would know that one of the major brands that we carry is Melissa & Doug. People are sometimes confused as to why we carry them since it’s a major brand and the store is made up of independent designers. The thing is that Melissa & Doug are still considered an independent artist because you can still get a hold of them easily and it’s a family run company. Sierra is a huge fan of their wooden brew coffee set because it’s honestly so cute that you just want to play with it. It’s an 11-piece set that comes with two wooden mugs, creamer, sugar, a spoon, and even a re-usable order card for budding baristas.

Since all of our employees are so different from each other every “Picks of the Week” is unique and allows our employees to showcase their love for the items in store. Sierras table this week really showcased her interests and we’re excited to see what next “Picks of the Week” will bring. Tune in next week for our holiday gift guide!

Till then,