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Picks of the Week: Andrea

Can you guys believe that it’s already November? It seems that the week’s just keep on flying by and with another week-gone means another “Picks of the Week” is due! This week we have our lovely associate, Andrea, picking out her favorite items from Clever Element to showcase them on the front of the store. Andrea has been working at Clever Element since September 2016 and is originally from Seattle, Washington and loves nothing more then ending her day with a nice glass of wine and a good book. These are Andrea’s “Picks of the Week”:

 Charlie’s Leather Backpack: Charlie’s leather is an American leather company that is based out of Los Angeles. Charlie’s has some of the cutest leather bags and Andrea particularly loves the black leather backpack. It’s stylish, comfy and a pretty good size for carrying all of her and her son’s stuff.

 Cashmere Scarf: Nothing screams comfort like cashmere does! Andrea loves this amazingly soft, light, and beautiful cashmere scarf that was hand woven from Nepal. This scarf is the perfect fit for any fall attire! How Andrea wears it looped around loosely hung or tied as a bow around her shoulders with a nice light sweater underneath or coat and some cute booties.

Adult Coloring Book: Nothing is more calming after a stressful day than a cup of tea and a good coloring book. What’s great about these coloring books is that it really does reduce stress, anxiety and it’s the perfect way to be creative as well; many artists design it so it’s full of beautiful images of steam punk marine animals, fashion designs, birds and even flowers.

 Seeking Balance Candle: These candles are pretty amazing because not only are they soy based, they also have a nice wooden wick instead of your standard cotton wick. What Andrea loves about these is that since some homes don’t have a fireplace this is a nice replacement for that if you missing that nice snap and crackling sound, all you have to do is light the wooden wick and voila. Her favorite scent is the Juniper Rosewood; it’s so light and nice that it gently wafts through her house without being lit.

 Soberdough Brew Bread: This artisan bread mix makes it easy to create delicious bread imbued with the unique flavors of your favorite beer. Andrea just recently made it with her preferred brew and completely loves it; it’s a perfect side dish for any holiday or for football Sunday parties. She also recommends serving it with some fresh whipped butter and a drizzle of honey, you’ll thank her later.

 It’s always exciting to see who the new “Picks of the Week” table is going to be; because our sales associates are all different from each other which means their picks aren’t going to be the same. They all have one thing in common and that’s a love for fair trade merchandise and ethically made fashion. Check back next week to see whose table is going up next!

Till next time!

Andie – Clever Element