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Camping; now either you cringed at the word or your mind started wandering off while thoughts of forests, tents and campfires drifted in. I personally love camping, but like every thing else, it has pros and cons. Pro: getting to be a nature. Con: the actual packing while getting ready to be in nature. Let’s be honest, packing kind of sucks because sometimes you don’t really know what to bring and Google can only help so far. While I was in Idyllwild this weekend I asked a few campers about what they need to bring when camping or traveling and a they agreed on 4 different things: sunscreen, body spray, water bottle, water bottle for pet. In true Clever Element fashion we curated a list of sustainable and fair-trade items for you to bring on your next camping/traveling trip.

 All Natural Sunblock: Sunblock is a must while camping, it doesn’t matter if its grey and cloudy there are still UV rays hitting your body and it needs a layer of protection. Our favorite is from San Diego Bath & Body; their ingredients are completely organic and they use non-nano particle zinc oxide for a natural sunblock that is safe for children and adults. What is really nice about this sunblock is that it rubs in nicely and they have different scents such as lavender and lemongrass.

 All Natural Body Spray: Body spray is something nice to have when camping because we’re humans and sometimes we smell and body spray is nice way to cover that up. These body sprays are also from San Diego Bath & Body, which means they are completely organic, and 100% vegan. Not only that these body sprays are multi-useable, you can either spray it on or spray some into your hair to freshen up.

Water Bottle: Usually while camping people tend to hike around a lot, some would say that’s the best part of camping. I, however, think that the food is the best part about camping. Having a water bottle always comes in handy while hiking because it’s the perfect way to keep you hydrated. What’s great about this 25oz water bottle is that it is completely insulated and made out of stainless steel so it will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Not only that but it has removable strap with a carabineer attached so it’s perfect for camping.

Water Bottle for Pet: While I was hiking in Idyllwild this weekend I saw this man that had two pretty big dogs with him. This particular trail that we were on was really steep and very long (about 6 miles), and this man did not bring any water for himself or his dogs. People were friendly enough to give him a few water bottles for himself and the dogs so that way they didn’t overheat. But this is usually a big no-no when hiking on your own, you always want to make sure to have water for yourself and for your companions. This 20oz water bottle is amazing for your long hikes with pets because all you have to do is squeeze the bottle and the water fills the mug on top. Release the squeeze and the water drains back into the bottle so no water is wasted. It’s also leak tight, food safe, BPA free and includes strap for bikes and hikes.