Jason Tudor – An artist after your inner self

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Jason Tudor – An artist after your inner self

Thanks to artist Jason Tudor, you don’t have to be an artist to embrace an artistic fashion style. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Jason started his artistic career in 2010 after graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago. On a mission to bring people a new sense of wonderment and help consumers get better connected with their inner selves, Jason Tudor using his free-form technique, has been able to produce fine art patterns for several designers including Prabal Gurung, Perry Ellis, Sam Edelman, and many more. When he’s not working on his client’s requests, he devotes his time on his t-shirt line and screen printing studio.

His awesome t-shirts and other prints make part of Clever Element’s collection and we had a great opportunity to interview Jason to find out some fun details about him and a little bit more about his brand. We hope you enjoy!


Who is Jason Tudor?

I am an artist based in Brooklyn, NY working primarily in drawing, printmaking, and textile design.

What inspired you to become an artist?

It always came from that sense of making new discoveries, creating something completely new and evolving it, like being a visual explorer.

Why did you choose The School of the Art Institute of Chicago as your preferred college to pursue your art?

It is one of the top art schools in the world, but it was the city and the architecture around me that I fell in love with, and the museum was amazing to have access to whenever I wanted.

How has your artwork and you as an artist evolved since you first started?

My ideas and drawings are becoming more ambitious and complex, my use of color has become more vibrant, where early on I was using a lot of pastel colors.

What do you as an artist stand for? What role does your art play in the society?

My arts mission is to bring people a new sense of wonderment, to be in touch with their inner selves, to interpret things in your own way, be who you are and create your own story.

Do you work from imagination, photography or real life experiences?

Mainly from imagination but I am sure real life experiences are embedded in there, they just take the shape of abstract lines and forms. I also love to go out and photograph nature and interplay them into my work.

Is there any particular art work you are most proud of? Why?

Even though it was one of my more simple designs, it was a floral print that got picked up by the fashion label Prabal Gurung and was used as a main print in his Resort 2014 collection. It was worn by Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington and Emilia Clarke. It was amazing to see something I made be worn by so many people I admire.

Where do you get your inspiration to draw?

Drawing to me is meditative, so I don’t look for inspiration to create, rather I try to create something out of nothing. Starting with a random gesture or mark and letting the drawing grow organically from one line to the next, then reinterpreting those drawings digitally to create something entirely new. I love to look at the natural patterns found in the universe from the micro to the macro worlds. I also look to a mix of art periods, from art nouveaux and Japanese wood block prints, to abstract expressionism and street art.

What is the main challenge you face when you begin working on a drawing or print?

Finishing. Since I never plan out what the drawing will be like in its final form, I basically have to make a decision to just stop once I feel there is a good balance and move on to the next one.

How has drawing influenced your life?

It has given me the ability to see the world in new ways, noticing certain patterns in nature, finding beauty in the cracks and imperfections. Seeing how the world is put together, in a sense I try to mimic that with my drawings by creating these complex systems.

Do you work alone or do you work with other artists? Have you found a good artist community to connect with? How did you find them?

Mostly I work alone but I love to collaborate when the opportunity arises.

Do you always work at your studio or are there any co-working spaces where you meet up with other artists?

Usually in my studio or at home. I always have a sketchbook and a pen on me so no matter where I am I can still create, and bring those ideas to a larger or more complete scale later on.

Do you work specific hours of the day or anytime you feel inspired?

Lately my schedule has flipped and I am working a lot in the morning which I like but I used to be a night owl.

As an artist how do you manage to balance work/life?

Making sure I always designate time for myself to just create with no distractions.

What do you like most about your career?

My freedom to create.

What is your most important tool as an artist? Is there something in your studio that you can’t live without?

My music, really helps me get in the mood. I like chill downtempo beats and old school hip-hop.

Why is your work so adventitious? Why do you prefer the freeform technique?

It’s that ability to discover something completely new and unseen, infinite possibilities of where one drawing can go. Its inner expressionism like an improvised music jam that flows through you organically.

What is the future of Jason Tudor’s artwork? Where do you see yourself five, ten or thirty years from now?

Continuing to grow my design studio, working with bigger clients, and creating more ambitious projects.

Do you plan on sticking with your current art form or are there any additional types of art you would like to explore in the future?

I have been getting into animation lately and finding ways to implement it into my work. I worked on a music video you can watch it here

What are your impressions of the artistic world? If you were given a chance to change anything in the artist sphere what would it be?

It is a big world and there are so many avenues to take that cater to specific types of art. It finding that road and knowing how to navigate it which can be difficult. I would like to change the perception of “digital art” not being a true medium for original work. The computer is just another tool for the artist to use.

What advice would you give to upcoming artists and those who ventured in but got stuck midway?

Stay true to yourself, keep creating. Learn about the business side of art, know how to market and sell yourself.

What other artist, in any medium, would you absolutely recommend to someone new to art?

I love looking at graphic novels and illustrators specifically the styles of TomarHanuka, Kilian Eng, Moebius. They have such a defined style and can tell a beautiful story in just one striking image. I hardly use representational elements in my work but I really admire it.

A big thank you to Jason for making this interview possible and for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us.

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